The Average Funeral is $9,135

Can your loved ones afford that?

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GET LYFE, in its continuous pursuit to offer valuable services to its clientele, has forged a strategic partnership with Senior Life Insurance, a renowned entity in the realm of burial coverage. This collaboration is a testament to GET LYFE's commitment to providing holistic insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of its customer base. By leveraging Senior Life's expertise and established reputation in burial insurance, this partnership aims to deliver comprehensive burial coverage options. This ensures that clients have access to specialized plans that grant them and their loved ones peace of mind, knowing funeral expenses won't become a financial burden in the future.

What is final expense insurance?

Final expense coverage is the last gift that you will be able to give your loved ones.

Final expense coverage, often referred to as burial insurance or funeral insurance, is a type of life insurance designed specifically to cover the costs associated with one’s passing. These costs can include not just funeral and burial expenses, but also other end-of-life expenses like outstanding medical bills, legal costs, and other related debts.

When your family member passes away, The last thing you should be worried about is how to pay for their funeral.

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Do I really need final expense insurance?

YES. Even if you already have traditional life insurance, at the time of your passing, your family will no longer receive your income or benefits.

by having additional coverage in place, your family won’t have to use your existing savings in order to afford your final expenses.

What we offer.

Guaranteed burial Insurance that will be there when you need it. Plus Locked in rates protecting you from inflation.

Payments will never increase

Benefits will never decrease

No bloodwork or medical exams

Most claims paid within 24 hrs.

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